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Purim Box is a Deluxe, Mishloach Manot / Purim Gift box from KosherBox®. This limited edition Mishloach Manot makes the perfect Purim gift. The Purim Box includes everything anyone would ever need for Purim, no matter where they are spending it. You can now ship your Mishloach Manot anywhere in the world. Buy one for a loved one, or share one with a group! 

The Purim Box includes:

  • Genuine Leather Megillah (and Birkat Hamazon)
  • Purim Gragger Noisemaker
  • Purim Mask 
  • Bottle of Kedem Grape Juice (Shehakol)
  • Bag of Planters Peanuts (Adama)
  • Large Hammentashen Cookies (Pas Yisroel - Mezonot )
  • Paskesz Silhouette Mini Éclair Crème Lined Chocolate Wafer Rolls (Pas Yisroel - Pareve - Shehakol)
  • Selection of Candies & Chocolates (Shehakol)

All of this beautifully gift-wrapped in a limited edition KosherBox® Purim box. Available exclusively online while supplies last. As with all of our products the Purim Box ships worldwide. 


Purim Box ™ - Deluxe Mishloach Manot / Purim Gift Box
3995 5995

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