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About Us

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KosherBox™ delivers certified-Kosher, gourmet food, anywhere. From Glatt-Kosher TV Dinners, to an all encompassing ShabbatBox™, get it all delivered express to your hotel abroad, or to your remote cruise-ship stop-over or even directly to your home!

Our legendary ShabbatBox™ includes everything you need for a great Shabbat experience, in it you will find a Kiddush Cup, Challahs, Grape Juice, Shabbat Candles, and a hearty traditional Shabbat meal of Gefilte Fish (or Salmon), Kugel and Cholent with Kishke. We even throw in a couple of Rugelach for Shabbat morning. 

Unless specified otherwise, KosherBox™ meals are vacuum-packed and treated with heat using food-retort technology, the same technology NASA uses to prepare food for astronauts, all the while maintaining taste and texture. These meals have an extended shelf-life to ensure longer term portability. Hashgacha: All of our items are either OU certified or are certified by a Hashgacha accepted by the CRC. All items are individually sealed prior to inclusion in your KosherBox™ to ensure the highest level of Kashrut.

KosherBox™ is a developing Kosher start-up based in Silicon Valley, with many aspects of the project under testing to ensure the most optimal, qualitative and efficient user experience. So please bear with us, as we learn more about what our customers love.

If you have any questions, feedback or comments, please email us, we'd love to hear from you info@Kosher-Box.com