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About Us

Thank you for visiting KosherBox™. 

KosherBox™ delivers certified-Kosher, gourmet food, anywhere. From Glatt-Kosher TV Dinners to an all-encompassing ShabbatBox™, to a monthly subscription snack/nosh box -get it all simply and quickly from KosherBox™.

We deliver globally and whether you need an overnight express delivery to your hotel abroad, or simply to your home you can always count on KosherBox!

Our legendary ShabbatBox™ includes everything you need for a great Shabbat experience, in it you will find a Kiddush Cup, Challahs, Grape Juice, Shabbat Candles, and a hearty traditional Shabbat meal of Gefilte Fish (or Salmon), Kugel and Cholent with Kishke. We even throw in a couple of Rugelach for Shabbat morning. 

All of out KosherBox™ meals are vacuum-packed and treated with heat using food-retort technology, the same technology NASA uses to prepare food for astronauts, all the while maintaining taste and texture. These meals have an extended shelf-life to ensure longer-term portability.

Our monthly KosherBox™ Snack/Nosh Box subscription delivers some of the coolest Kosher snacks and products around. 

Hashgacha: All of our items are either OU certified or are certified by a Hashgacha accepted by the CRC (see list). All items are individually sealed prior to inclusion in your KosherBox™ to ensure the highest level of Kashrut.

KosherBox™ is a developing Kosher start-up based in Silicon Valley and with offices in New York and Canada. 

If you have any questions, feedback or comments, please email us, we'd love to hear from you info@Kosher-Box.com