Frequently Asked Questions:

What is KosherBox®?

KosherBox® is a unique service providing gourmet Glatt-Kosher food anywhere in the world. Delivered to your home or directly to your ultimate destination. Instead of shlepping your Kosher food through airports, security etc., KosherBox™ will ship your food to your ultimate destination, ready for your arrival.


What is Shabbat Box™?
KosherBox® is the creator of the legendary, all-inclusive Shabbat Box™ which comes complete with a beautiful Kiddush Cup, Bottle of Grape Juice, Challah, Challah-cover, candles with blessings card and utensils. The box ships complete with 3 full meals along with side dishes, and everything you need to enjoy the ultimate Shabbat experience, anywhere in the world.


Shipping Information:

Unless otherwise specified: all orders are shipped within 24 hours, besides Shabbat & Holidays. Please make sure to order at least 4-5 days in advance to ensure you receive your order on time at your location (please email us with any questions).
While we do our best to ship our products to remote locations, we can not and will not be held responsible for carrier delays, duties, customs or brokerage fees or weather-related delays, Covid-19 etc. If you are traveling to a known problematic location, we suggest you pack the items in your checked luggage to ensure you have food accessible to you at all times. If you are u sure of  or ship them to your destination using guaranteed overnight shipping.

We have partnered with the following carriers:

UPS/ USPS / DHL / FedEx / Canada Post

- All Standard US orders are shipped via USPS
- All Express US orders are shipped via FedEx/UPS/USPS/DHL
- All Canadian orders are shipped via FedEx/Canada Post 
- If you want to use your own account with FedEx or UPS, feel free to contact us.
- Please email / chat / call us for shipping information relating to specific countries.


Freshness Guarantee:

- We stand behind our products, should any item you receive not be fresh we will replace or refund your order immediately.

- Unless specified otherwise, all single meal KosherBoxes are non-perishable and have a shelf life of at least 6 months from shipping date.


Kosher Certification / Hashgacha:

Our meals are under the strict Glatt Kosher Certification/Hashgacha of the COR

All other products items are individually certified by reputable Hashgachas accepted by the CRC list


Heating /Re-Heating of Food

All products include item-specific heating instructions. Food can generally be heated in a microwave, boiling water or on a hot plate during Shabbat or Holidays. Never put directly on any fire source.