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Get the original and legendary Shabbat Box™ - from KosherBox® and enjoy the ultimate Shabbat experience, wherever you may be.

The ShabbatBox™ includes everything you need to enjoy Shabbat in style and taste with 3 complete gourmet Glatt Kosher Shabbat meals, for one person.

Your Shabbat Box™ Kit includes:

- 1 Silver Kiddush Cup (Reusable)
- 1 Challah Cover  (Reusable)
- 2 Shabbat Candles 
- 1 Shabbat Candle Blessings Card
(with English/Hebrew and Transliteration)
- 2 Freshly Baked Challahs 
(Location permitting)
- 1 Fish Dish (Gefilte Fish or Grilled Salmon) with side
- 1 Chicken Dish (Stuffed Chicken / Chicken Meatballs ) with side
- 1 Beef Cholent with Kishke and Kugel (Vegetarian option available upon request) 
- 1 Small Bottle of Kedem® Kosher Grape Juice
- 3 Sets of Birchwood Utensils
- 1 Chocolate Rugelach Snack

Please specify any order choices (such as additional Challah, grape juice, etc.) or any additional request in the order comments at checkout.

Shabbat Box™ - Your Entire Shabbat in a Box (Shabbat Meals & Everything You Need for Shabbat)
9100 11200

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